Earthquake Insurance

Don’t Let an Earthquake Shake Up Your Life

Enroll in earthquake insurance in Canton, OH

Does your homeowners insurance cover earthquakes? Probably not. If your home is damaged in an earthquake, you could be left with the recovery costs. Don’t chance it – sign up for earthquake insurance through Tim Baltzly Lincoln Insurance Group in Canton, OH. Earthquake insurance can protect you from:

  • Walls collapsing
  • Improperly bolted houses sliding off foundations
  • Electrical or gas lines being damaged
  • Unsecured furniture and appliances falling
  • Chimneys being damaged
  • Windows cracking or shattering
  • Trees uprooting or broken branches falling on your house

Be proactive before disaster strikes. Enroll in earthquake insurance to protect your Canton, Ohio home.

Call now for a free quote on earthquake insurance

Earthquake insurance is an affordable add-on to your homeowners insurance. Our agents will work hard to find an insurance plan that’s in your budget and fits your needs. The best part is that your quote is completely free! Call 330-324-1904 to speak with an insurance agent at Tim Baltzly Lincoln Insurance Group.


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